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Marriage - Expectations

  • When planning to set a date for a wedding, it is a courtesy to contact Saint Jude prior to finalizing reservations for a reception hall. 
  • Respect the facility and arrangement in the church. Any items such as musical instruments or furniture should be replaced to its original location. 
  • You are not allowed to use tacks or anything that will leave lasting marks to attach flowers, greenery, banners, etc. 
  • In order to give valid consent for marriage, both parties must be sober. Please save the social celebration for the reception. 
  • Music must be appropriate for church. Keep in mind that marriage is a covenant before God in the Church. There are music suggestions on these website and your wedding coordinator can give you for further resources. 
  • Weddings or rehearsals taking place near the times of Eucharist or Reconciliation need to acknowledge and respect this time and observe the quiet areas in the worship area. 
  • Remember everything you bring with you, must leave with your or a member of your wedding party upon leaving the church. It is not uncommon for Saint Jude to complete multiple wedding in one weekend. All your flower arrangements, and such must not be left at the church. Keep in mind, you must also leave the church in the condition you arrived to it in. It is not the job of the wedding coordinator to clean up the church. Assign a friend or relative to assure this occurs on your wedding day. 
  • Make sure your musicians and such are paid before leaving the church. Your coordinator can help you with this, but you should write out the checks prior to the big day and place them in envelopes with their name on it. Often time this can get overlooked. Again, assign a friend or relative to assure this occurs on your wedding day.